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BeeHIVe plus 1

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Together Taking the Sting out of the Beee

Accepting a POZitive Horizon

BeeHIVe plus 1 is a non-profit organization designed to help mentor those who have just been diagnosed with HIV and are in need of someone to talk to who is in the know. We are and always will be a pay it forward service for those in need.  Book an appointment or start chatting now.  We are here to get through this together.

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Reclaiming and/or Redefining Yourself

Providing a free safe place to chat

One of the biggest obstacles of being diagnosed with HIV is the unknown and misinformation for many.  The feeling that the walls are crumbling down around us and that the future looks bleak.  That is not the case.  Your best days are still ahead of you on the horizon.  Through medicine, diet and exercise, the only reminder of HIV will be the Plus 1 pill a day.


Healthy Beees are Fit and Strong

Just because you are POZitive doesn't mean you have to stop living or winning. A strong mind helps to maintain a strong body.


Feeding the BeeHIVe

What we eat has a direct connection to our health and well-being.  A whole food diet helps US to maintain optimum heath.

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"Life unfolds as it will.  Sometimes we get stung. How we move on is what defines us."


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