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I reached out to Dylan at Beehive and he reassured me that I would still have a normal life. Thanks and GB

Dan R,  USA

Beehive was a shoulder for me when I was diagnosed last year. I felt alone and scared. I found out quickly that I was not alone.

Sara, Africa

You rock! Thanks

Marco, Spain

Testimonials & Friends: Testimonials

Useful Links

Medito Foundation

 Part of our struggle with HIV is mental. Meditation gives us tools to strengthen our mental game. Our friends at Meditio have an easy to use app to get you started.


Made setting up the funding side of BeeHIVe a breeze

If you are looking to build a website, Wix makes it as easy  as 123

Go to site for staying up to date with what's happeneing within our community

Testimonials & Friends: List
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